Pi's Watercolors and Photos
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Pi's Watercolors and Photos
"Pictures that will capture your heart!"

WELCOME...You are about to feel...right at home!

"WHAT"...is this website all about?
It's a vehicle to introduce you to my art, my watercolor paintings and photos. And, it will assist you with developing your own awareness of your feelings and understanding what is important in your life. Hopefully, you will purchase artwork that is meaningful to you, that just makes you feel good.

"WHY"...does Pi paint?
We all want to be heard! We all want our lives to count! Painting gives me the opportunity to connect with you as you develop more self-awareness and find paintings that give you that “feel good” feeling!

"WHAT"...does Pi paint?
In a word….”REALITY”: a snowstorm in Vermont; a small woodsy waterfall; birds; birch trees in Maine; palm trees in Florida; flowers; ocean waves; sunsets; early morning fog; and, portraits of people and pets. I love to paint your pets because your love for them just radiates as you share their story with me.

"WHERE"...do you come in?
Hopefully, “Watercolors by Pi” will embrace you in a way that is meaningful to you and to you alone. Perhaps it will be a recall of a favorite memory or a special moment in time. Or, a painting may remind you of a time of lesser joy or of the loss of a loved one…a time that helped to make you who you are today. You may want to gift your selection to a special person in your life as a way for you to strengthen your bond or to preserve your "moment in time" together. And of course, my paintings make wonderful gifts to say "thank you", "happy birthday" or "I LOVE YOU". The message is in your own words.

Better yet...Pi will paint from your photos whatever is special to you: a favorite pet; a personal portrait; your home and surroundings; or, your favorite scene.

  • You provide the photo
  • Pi provides the brush
  • You will treasure your personal watercolor original!

The dimensions of each painting are listed beside the picture, with the purchase price. If you would like the painting matted, the outside dimensions of the matt are listed along with the purchase price.

NOTE: all matts are cut to standard frame sizes for your easy framing.

Featured Painting:

Veteran's Tribute
"Vets Don't Forget"

It's Time For Me

Alone? Tearful? Divorced? Betrayed?   The list goes on and on. "It's Time for Me" was written for you!   You will learn new ways to care for yourself. Deal with your loss and you will become the "self" you want to be. Purchase this book!

Pi's Watercolors and Photos

Pi's Watercolors and Photos
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